Page 1, An Adventure of - "Elliot The Happy Elf"

Once upon a time, long ago, in a very large Maple tree forest lived Elliot, a very happy elf who had magical powers. He amazed and impressed all the other elves with his powers. He could vanish in an instant or, suddenly and slowly lift away from the ground and begin to turn his body – around and around – like a propeller. One minute he would change into a beautiful bird and the next minute make every tree laugh when he would change into a yellow frog and hop around on his head with his long legs pointed straight up in the air.

Well. That was Elliot’s job – to keep all those Maple trees happy. When his beautiful fairy Godmother, Darlene, first gave him the job, she told him, “Elliot if you keep the Maple trees happy, they will produce lots of maple syrup to go on pancakes. But best of all”, she continued, “the best trees will have their wood used to make very special toys for good little boys and girls.”

As time went on and after Elliot proved he could keep the Maple trees happy, his Godmother Darlene told him, “Elliot, I want to share a secret with you” and she handed Elliot a green velvet bag tied up with a bright gold bow.

“Once in a while,” Darlene whispered, “if the trees love you a whole lot they will also give you some of their magic maple dust which you can keep in this bag.” Then, just as she was about to leave she said, “Elliot. Don’t use your magical dust for anything other than to make and keep children happy and good. And Elliot,” she said, “a little, teeny, tiny bit will go a long, long way . , .

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